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I believe that the real mantle of a legislator is that of an educator. A politician should do all that he or she can to educate constituents and bring quality information with transparency to help improve the substance of debate. We should know who and what is shaping the thinking of our leaders so we can hold them accountable and challenge them if we feel their policies are harming our communities and families. Would that not be nice if our leaders showed us what shapes their thinking?

I hope these videos are informative and help you see the minds and discussions that shape my policies.

Please know that education is key. If you disagree on any issue. Send our campaign links to resources you wish me to be up to speed on. Without dissent we cannot have a strong democracy.



Radical Islam, the threat and the numbers

I am no fool. We need to talk about radical Islamism in our country in order to have a real and honest debate on this issue. We need facts and quality information to have debate or we are doing ourselves and our country a disservice. We cannot go around wishing for world peace and not dealing with the threat of radical Islamism. In order to do so, we need the facts. I do not wish to bring any more discord into the world than we already have but give me the numbers please and do not let fear be what is driving our policies. Let’s learn from the mistakes of our past and not let fear drive our foreign policies. But fools we must not be.

The following video released by Raheel Raza of the Clarion Project breaks down the numbers in a very clear manner. These statistics should be considered as we look into working on immigration reform, accepting refugees and securing our borders. Let’s not be stupid. Our decisions should be based in facts and not fear.

Criminal Justice Reform and Ending Mass Incarceration

Criminal Justice reform is a critical issue we must address to end mass incarceration and cut wasteful spending in our budget. I would work with bi-partisan effort to find areas of common ground just like Paul, Booker and Durbin have put forward in the Senate. We need Representatives that will do their jobs and work to pass effective legislation instead of fighting over partisan issues with all their time and energy.

Edward Latessa is one of the leading minds in our country on reducing recidivism an prison reform. If have met some of his colleagues and have enjoyed following his work for a few years now. Latessa has dedicated his life to addressing and improving the effectiveness of correctional programs. He is the director and professor at the School of Criminal Justice at the University of Cincinnati. I am so glad we have people like him in the world working to reduce crime and help fix our broken criminal justice system.




Mental Health 

Mental Health is a major issue facing our country. 20 percent of Americans battle depression and 3.5 percent of us have debilitating mental illnesses. I have watched many of my friends and family battle mental illness and have have lost many friends and family to depression as well as addiction and drugs. The stigma of Mental Illness cripples our communities and we have a long way to go to empower communities, families and law enforcement to approach the issue with sensitivity.

The following videos are just the tip of the iceberg of people that are working hard to end the stigma and find solutions to this real problem facing our society. Lastly, the brain is a organ in our body and mental health issues should not be separate from healthcare.

Education & The Current and Coming Economy

College education has tripled in the last 20 years here in NC. Wages have not gone up for the middle class. This is going to have a huge impact on the issues of crime, poverty and mental illness if we do not work quickly to have comprehensive education reform in our schools and universities.

One of the reasons I feel I am a unique candidate for Congress is I am well, the youngest. I have spent the last 22 years navigating the workforce in a wide variety of industries and I went back to school 10 years ago to further my schooling. I feel greatly indebted to the excellent educators throughout our fine institutions from Guilford County Schools to the UNC system and my IDS degree from App State.

Our educational systems are failing our youth to prepare them for the real challenges they will face in a new economy that emerged in the last 15 years. Our institutions are dated and fail to prepare students with the relevant information they need to survive in the workforce. This has huge consequences again on crime, mental illness and our spending. For every dollar we spend on education we save 5 dollars on reform or handouts.


Foreign Policies: Iran, North Korea & Syria

Lawrence Wilkerson came and spoke at ASU in 2006 during the Iraq war and despite being a republican and chief of staff of Colin Powell, he won the affection of the crowd with a standing ovation. Many in the crowd asked him to consider running for President. I have followed his work for 10 years and look to many like him as I weigh how we address the potential threat of nuclear warfare


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