Adam & Family

Adam was born and raised in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he was active in the Boy Scouts and was also a talented athlete. The son of multiple generations of farmers, mill workers and small business owners, Adam was taught to work hard, to follow his heart and dreams, and to always treat others with respect and compassion. After graduating from Grimsley High School, he attended Greensboro College on a music scholarship before transferring to Appalachian State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophical Anthropology, with a minor in Music. Adam’s interdisciplinary degree was focused in the areas of history, communications, ethics, philosophy & religion, psychology and business. Adam’s diverse interests led him to work in a variety of fields throughout the Piedmont in the furniture, banking, construction and communications industries. He is a small business owner and entrepreneur in the communications/ visual digital media industry, working with clients across North Carolina, where he lives with his wife, Amanda, and their infant son, Eliott. Adam has lived 22 years in Greensboro, 7 years at Lake Norman and 9 years in Boone. If you wish to know what made Adam and his family recently leave Lake Norman, feel free to ask Pat McCrory or concerned citizens of Iredell County and Lake Norman about the I77 toll lane decisions.

Rich North Carolina Roots

Adam’s family lineage can be traced to the mid 1700’s across the Piedmont of NC. Adam and his family have the scars to show their love and commitment to making NC a state we are all proud to call home. Adam takes great pride in the rich traditions and values that unite and give us a sense of respect for the cultural diversity our state offers. As a truck driver, Adam worked hard in the furniture industry and was exposed to many opportunities to live elsewhere. His loyalty to his family, and the diverse beauty of NC, won Adam’s heart and lured him home to plant roots at Lake Norman and start his own family. Adam’s strong connection to the region and his sincere concern due to the embarrassing tone of our political climate have emboldened Adam to stand up for NC. Adam is prepared and ready to send a clear message demanding action from failed, corrupt and broken systems in Congress.

Broad Experience and Diverse Career

Even before his graduation from college, Adam served in a supervisory role in youth programs for several years. He continued his professional journey in West Africa, despite a tremendously dangerous political climate during a coup in 2000. Upon his return to the United States, he developed an interest in business and finance, and he worked as a mortgage/loan officer. Later, Adam worked as a personal banker to help secure sound investment portfolios for his clients. Adam’s experience in the banking industry opened his eyes to the importance of being debt-free, so he set out to pay off nearly $30,000 in student loans by driving furniture trucks and making deliveries across the country. Adam crossed the country over 100 times–rain, snow or shine–and paid off his student loans in one year. He was then able to finish school at ASU shortly before the economy collapsed. His days on the road and his experience in the administration of his company resulted in his learning how to navigate a variety of business challenges, which helped him in creating a successful communications business. Adam’s wife, Amanda, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who served as a coordinator with the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program across the Piedmont bringing housing to homeless veterans. Amanda and her team received national attention for their effort in getting our veterans off the streets of NC.  Care for our nation’s veterans is an issue about which the couple cares deeply. With more than 22 years of private sector and nonprofit experience, Adam is poised to serve our constituents with graceful diplomacy and efficiency. He is committed to supporting economic growth, restoring more job security and changing our government to prepare systems to work for families in an ever-changing economy (in which our current leaders in DC have not worked). We do not need anymore career politicians which, we should all know by now, let us down.  Career politicians are out of touch with the demands and direction our industries are headed, and the needs of everyday NC people. Adam’s diverse experiences give him an informed and intimate knowledge of how we need to update, modernize and streamline support to aging systems that are failing our people.

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