Why I’m Running

In the last 15 years many North Carolinians have struggled to provide for their basic needs. My education from Grimsley High School and Appalachian State University, and my career experience in the furniture, trucking, construction, corporate and non-profit industries, have given me the skills I need to start my own business and provide for my family, but others have not been so fortunate. I am concerned for North Carolinians who cannot find work to sustain their families and our children who have seen their quality public education options diminish. Failed leadership efforts have ignored our most vital needs: jobs, wages, education, and foreign policies that strengthen our republic and secure our future as a nation. Our government in Raleigh and Washington is focused on partisan politics, which neglect critical issues that deserve effective leadership. I want to go to Washington and fight for us in North Carolina.

The state of North Carolina has two pressing issues we must swiftly work to improve: jobs and low civic engagement. We have a government that is not serving its people, and a congress with all-time low approval ratings. As a result, we are now seeing a struggle for power which has caused great uncertainty within communities and families, and these uncertainties are crippling our democracy. We have not recovered from the 2008 recession, and we have lost thousands of jobs in manufacturing, textiles, and agriculture, in large part due to international trade deals. Our elected leaders sit idly while North Carolina suffers. Now is the time when we must develop new solutions to generate economic growth throughout our Old North State.

As a native Tar Heel and with a rich legacy of hard working blue collared relatives, I am honored to be a Democratic candidate for Congress. I will fight for the people of North Carolina, and for policies that improve the quality of our lives and access to economic prosperity. I feel called to bring a voice to Washington that represents the values of North Carolina’s citizens and the institutions that have shaped me since birth.

We face a critical time worthy of our attention. Please join me in this campaign to get North Carolina moving forward. Your support before the primary is vital. Join me in the effort to restore a sense of pride in North Carolina’s democratic process.

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