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I remember sitting as a young man in the living room of my grandfather, who stormed the beaches of Normandy and fought at the Battle of the Bulge. At the time, I was proud to have landed a real corporate job as an entry level banker. My parents as well as my grandparents, had sacrificed a great deal of their lives with the hopes that one day their kids or grandchildren would one day go to College, and live a better life than they.  We sat together this particular day watching a US Senate race debate in 2004, the last year he lived in his home before dying the following year in a rest home. He said to me with tears in his eyes, “Adam, I remember a time when you elected someone that actually represented you, and they would come to listen to you. I am afraid those days are gone”….   I will never forget that experience. It is seared in my heart and in my mind. I knew I was witnessing the passing of the greatest generation to live the American dream. That was the year after we entered the war in Iraq, a war that 67 percent of WWII Veterans opposed. 


What if we can elect a person that represents us here at home? Someone who is not bought by special interest…

“What the world needs is people that see something that needs to be done, and they just start doing it.”
—Wendell Berry


I have crossed this beautiful country over one-hundred times driving trucks, delivering furniture, working hard, and listening to hard working people — farmers and business folks alike for quite some time. I am ready to start doing something about what I have heard folks saying. I am now campaigning to hear what you have to say and stand to be a voice for all of us.

With your support, I will stand up to Trump and Paul Ryan, or any special interest which fails to understand the challenges we face here at home. I will stand up for all North Carolinians, and I will vote my conscience, so long as it does not harm the rights of any American, or needlessly put any American in harm’s way. There are too many people hurting, and we cannot turn a blind eye to injustice the way this administration and Congress have so viciously done as they carry out the bidding of the wealthy and powerful that have put them in place. 

My wife Amanda and I had our only child undergo open heart surgery two years ago to save his life. My wife is one of millions of women who live in constant fear of what healthcare will look like in the future for children such as our son with pre-existing conditions. We cannot claim to be a great nation and allow 15-20 million people thrown off healthcare. Shame on this President and shame on this Congress. We cannot allow this to happen.

I have lived in Africa, the Ivory Coast, torn by civil war. A country where the average wage was 3 dollars a day, and the unemployment rate was seventy percent. I have worked with children of Appalachia for 7 summers who never knew from where the next meal was coming, or when the abuse from the hands of their “guardians” would end. Amanda spent five years serving the homeless Veteran community of the triad under the HUD-VASH Obama initiative which decreased homelessness amongst Veterans by seventy percent. Before that, she worked serving sexually abused children caught in systems with no advocates. We are tired of seeing people and crucial organizations starved of resources and the opportunities for quality education, much less food on their tables. Significant changes need to be made in our education systems which currently do not prepare people for the coming economy — where fifty percent of all workers will be 1099 employees who never know how or when the next paycheck is coming.

I will commit my efforts in Washington and in NC’s 13th district to overturn Citizens United, stop the hollow and malicious efforts to ratchet up the War on Drugs, work toward significant progress in mental health reform, and fight to join the industrialized world in regards to healthcare.

We must fix healthcare in our country to move forward for the next generation.  Struggling families here at home have grown weary at the mercy of lobbyists and dark money. The healthcare industry has become immoral and unethical. Healthcare is no longer the goal, profit is, at the expense of us hoping for any respectable quality of life or confidence that even that the healthcare that we pay for will cover us. We cannot afford to accept this as normal as the strongest county in the world. The state of healthcare in this country is weakening our sense of dignity.

I believe there is a divide in this state and in this country that we must work to heal to see change which will benefit all of us. That divide is a bitter tug of war between the rural and urban politics. My career and my ties to both of these walks of life has convinced me of this critical work which we must achieve to get rolling back down the road.

We are Tarheels. We do not give in easily to any fight. All we have known our entire existence is struggle. That is something that we all have in common.”

I am a Quaker, a member of a faith tradition in NC with an irrefutable reputation of working tirelessly to improve our lives with commitments to justice, peace and equality.


The 13th district race was the closest Congressional race in NC in 2016. With your help, we can repeal Ted Budd and have a voice in Washington that makes our state proud again.

Please support this campaign to become North Carolina’s next 13th district Congressman.

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Age: 40
Wife: Amanda
Son: Eliott
Profession: Small Business Owner, Truck Driver, Farmer
Education: Graduate of Grimsley High School, BA from Appalachian State in Interdisciplinary Studies.
Lived in Greensboro, Lake Norman, Boone, and Ivory Coast, Africa.
Worked in the Banking/Investments, Furniture/Trucking, Construction, Communications, and Non-Profit industries.
Former president of a three-county affiliate for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Progressives, let’s work together for
  • Mental Health Reform
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Stopping Mass Incarceration
  • Defending Women’s Health and LGBTQ Rights
  • Ending the war on drugs
  • Investments and innovation in renewable energies 
  • Expansion of services for our veterans and their families
  • Protecting Medicaid
  • Acting as a voice of reason in Congress before sending our men and women in uniform into harm’s way
  • A balanced budget and cuts in wasteful spending