Reviving the American Dream

Wendell Berry often says, “What the world needs is people that see something that needs to be done, and they just start doing it”

I have crossed the country over 100 times driving trucks, listening to working people, farmers and business folks for quite some time. I am ready to start doing something about what I have heard them say.

The 2018 mid-term elections, with a March 15th primary in NC, is going to be about many things. It will most certainly be about healthcare. If you are not ok with what you are hearing from out of Washington or Raleigh, then a vote for me would be a vote to change that tone.

I will commit my efforts in Washington and in NC’s Thirteenth District to overturn Citizens United, stop the effort to ratchet up the War on Drugs, work toward significant progress in mental health reform, and fight to join the industrialized world in regards to healthcare.

The US has been on some twisted experiment for far too long, seeking to prove we can drive down the cost of healthcare at the mercy of lobbyists and dark money. We cannot.

I am a Quaker, a faith tradition and community in NC with an irrefutable reputation of working tirelessly to improve our lives with commitments to justice, peace and equality.

The 13th District race was the closest Congressional race in NC in 2016. Do not forget that the AHCA passed the House by 2 votes. The 2018 election will be tight, but with your help we can repeal Ted Budd and win back one of those votes.

I hope you see that something needs to be done. I invite you to join me to work towards that change.

I am Adam from NC.


Age: 39, Wife: Amanda,  Son: Eliott, Small Business Owner, Farmer, Truck Driver,  Graduate of Grimsley High & attained a BA from Appalachian State in Interdisciplinary Studies. Lived in Greensboro, Lake Norman, Boone and Africa. Worked in the Banking/ Investments, Furniture/ Trucking, Construction, Communications and Non-Profit industries. President of a three-county affiliate for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.






Democrats! Let’s work together for
  • Mental Health Reform
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Stopping Mass Incarceration
  • Ending the war on drugs
  • Investments and innovation in renewable energies 
  • Expansion of services for our veterans and their families
  • Expanding Medicaid
  • Acting as a voice of reason in Congress before sending our men and women in uniform into harm’s way
  • A balanced budget and cuts in wasteful spending 

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