Reviving the American Dream

This election and this campaign  is not about me. It is about us. We are in this together.
But how can you know that I am THE progressive candidate for Congress in the 13th district?
I am the only candidate in this race endorsed by Replacements Ltd. PAC for standing with LGBT rights.
I am a Quaker.
I support a $15 minimum wage. It would be $21 per hour if adjusted on COL and inflation. That is math, not ideology. I would argue it is also justice.
I am a member of the NAACP.
I am endorsed by the Triad Progressives.
In my mid-twenties, I protested in the streets the invasion of Iraq contrary to all friends and relatives. That is because I am willing to stand alone when my conscience dictates.
I did a major solar install for heating because I put my money where my mouth is.
I will fight against fracking.
Duke better clean up their coal ash and compensate the public for damages.
I was the only candidate to stand with Planned Parenthood last week in Greensboro when Cecile Richards came to town.
I protested the NCGA at HKonJ.
I have a liberal arts degree from Appalachian State.
I was the only candidate at Dining with Friends, the Guilford Green Gala, and the HB2 rally at College Park Baptist.
I am a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the NC Justice Center.
I want to fundamentally change the way we deal with mental health issues in our country.
I want to end Citizens United and restore power to The People.
I will resist the prison and military industrial complexes and the special interest power they wield in Washington to better fund our teachers, education reform, and our veterans.
I believe in science and the urgency for addressing climate change NOW.
I am a huge supporter of public radio, and I follow the BBC, Newshour and PBS.
My wife Amanda worked for years as a Social Worker to end homelessness in our veteran community throughout the district.
I recognize I have white privilege and that my life is easier because the color of my skin.
My favorite people speaking to our political and cultural state in our country are Al Franken, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Lawrence Wilkerson, Michelle Alexander, Dr. William Barber II, Walter Wink, Raheel Raza, Sam Harris, Tim Wise and most of the time…Cornel West.
I will unite the party for all federal, statewide, and critical races on the ballot this November.
I am an artist and I make my living from being creative and always thinking outside the box.
This year’s election is not about Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. It is about people.
I love the people of North Carolina. My family has been here since the 1700’s.
NC has an opportunity to redefine and send a statement to the world who we are.
I am ready, are you?
I am Adam from NC.



Age: 38 , Wife: Amanda,  Son: Eliott, Small Business Owner, Graduate of Grimsley High & attained a BA from Appalachian State in Interdisciplinary Studies. Lived in Greensboro, Lake Norman, Boone and Africa. He has worked in the Banking/ Investments, Furniture/ Trucking, Construction, Communications and Non-Profit industries. He is a communications and creative director for his company: The Good Light LLC.







Democrats! Let’s work together for
  • Mental Health Reform
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Stopping Mass Incarceration
  • Ending the war on drugs
  • Investments and innovation in renewable energies 
  • Expansion of services for our veterans and their families
  • Expanding Medicaid
  • Acting as a voice of reason in Congress before sending our men and women in uniform into harm’s way
  • A balanced budget and cuts in wasteful spending 

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